Dr. Martin Eichner speaks to G8‘s Global Health Security Action Group

In November 9 -10, 2006 Dr. Martin Eichner contributed to a Workshop on Research in Support of Health Security Policies in Brussels. Invited by the Global Health Security Action Group (GHSAG) as a keynote speaker, he gave a lecture on Modelling the Spread and Control of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Using the examples of poliomyelitis, pandemic influenza and smallpox he presented specific mathematical models for decision making. Focusing on the practical aspects of such decision models, Dr. Eichner demonstrated interactive individual-based simulations as well as the program InfluSim (www. influsim.info). InfluSim is concieved as a training and teaching tool to improve global health security in the event of a crisis, the main task of GHSAG.

GHSAG, a Global Health Security Action Group of experts was tasked with developing proposals and concrete actions to improve global health security after the first ministerial meeting of the Global Health Security Initiative (GHSI), held in Ottawa in November 2001. Attending to the GHSI were the Health Ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, the USA, Mexico and the European Commissioner for Health.

The Health Ministers, at their meeting in November 2005, accepted the offer by the European Commission to host a symposium on research activities in health security by the GHSI partners. The aim of the symposium, that took place in Brussels, 9 -10 November 2006, was to exchange on research related to improvements in health security which is being undertaken, completed or planned by the GHSI partners.

Participants of the 2006 workshop were the members of the EU Health Security Committee, the GHSAG members and their representatives in the GHSAG technical working groups as well as experts designated by GHSAG members to act as chairs, rapporteurs and keynote speakers – such as Dr. Martin Eichner.

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